How To Increase Conversion Rates on Shopify Store In 2024

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How To Increase Conversion Rates on Shopify Store In 2024

How to Increase Conversion rates on Shopify Store in 2024 - SANOMADS

Success in the very competitive e-commerce market depends on raising the conversion rates of your Shopify store. More sales and income from the same volume of traffic follow from a greater conversion rate.

This blog will walk you through what makes a strong conversion rate, choosing the best converting Shopify themes, optimizing your Shopify store, major elements influencing conversions, and efficient tools and technologies.

What is a Reasonable Conversion Rate for Shopify Store?

The industry and the kind of products supplied will significantly affect the conversion rate for a Shopify site. Usually, a conversion rate gauges the proportion of customers of your store who carry out a specific action, say buying.

Shopify Average Conversion Rate

A Shopify store conversion rate ranges, on average, between 2 and 3%. This implies that two to three of every hundred customers of your store buy something. For new or expanding stores, this standard might be a helpful goal. However, various elements can affect an average conversion rate, including the general user experience, traffic quality, and store niche.

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

A good conversion rate usually surpasses the norm and shows a well-optimized store that efficiently interacts with guests and motivates purchase. Shopify stores with a good conversion rate frequently score between 3 and 5%. Reaching this level usually requires perfecting several facets of the store, including customer service, website speed, and product descriptions.

What is a Good Conversion Rate? - Shopify Theme - Shopify stores

What Makes Highly Converting Shopify Themes?

Selecting the correct Shopify theme can significantly improve your online store’s conversion rate. The theme you choose should be aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and user friendly. Eleven thorough tips shared below will enable you to choose the best converting Shopify themes: 

Shopify Theme Store Requirements


1. Mobile Sensibility

Make sure the theme shines on every device. Mobile responsiveness ensures that your theme fits well to various screen widths and orientations, giving customers on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones a consistent and pleasurable shopping experience.

Since a lot of online buying is done on mobile devices, a mobile-responsive theme may help avoid customers bouncing off your website because of inadequate usability. 
Customizing shopify checkout for mobile.

2. Quick Loading Speed

Choose a theme that loads fast to prevent guests from leaving. Slow loading times may frustrate users and cause higher bounce rates. Themes ideal for speed typically contain clean code and are designed to load pictures and text quickly.

Fast loading speeds improve user experience and search engine ranking for your Shopify store.
Learn how to increase commerce website loading speed

3. Clear User Navigation

Clear and straightforward navigation is essential for finding what one seeks. Good navigation includes transparent menus, orderly arranged categories, and a working search bar.

A user-friendly navigation system lowers the effort needed for guests to browse through your Shopify store, thereby increasing the possibility that they will investigate several items and decide to buy some of them. 

Clear User Navigation - Shopify Theme - Shopify stores


4. High Resolution Photos

Themes supporting high-resolution photos can highlight items more effectively. A clear view of product details made possible by high-quality photographs can be important for customers making purchase decisions.

Themes with gallery choices, 360-degree views, and image zoom can create a virtual shopping experience that increases conversions for Shopify stores. 

5. Customizable Layouts

Shopify store design flexibility lets you tailor the theme to your brand. Customizable layouts let you change page structures, fonts, and colors to match your brand guidelines.

This adaptability will enable you to design a distinctive and unforgettable shopping experience relevant to your target market.

Tips: Get the proper knowledge on shopify customizable layouts

6. SEO-Friendly

Built-in SEO elements will enable your shopify store to rank higher on search results. An SEO-friendly theme is coded so search engines can quickly index your material.

Customizable meta tags, clean URLs, and fast loading speeds all help to improve SEO performance, increasing the organic traffic to your store.  

Learn more about Shopify Seo

SEO-Friendly - Shopify Theme - Shopify Store - Conversion Rate


7. Connectivity with Shopify Apps

Make sure the theme supports widely used Shopify apps for improved capability. Your theme should be compatible with several Shopify apps that might increase your shopify store's capacity using features for customer care, inventory control, and email marketing. This integration lets you present a more strong and quick shopping experience.

Click here👇  

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8. Customer Reviews

Subjects emphasizing customer reviews help to establish credibility. Customer ratings and reviews are robust social proof tools that can impact purchase decisions. Reviewing items on product sites can reassure prospective customers of your products' dependability and quality, increasing conversions. 

9. Call to Action Buttons

Solid and transparent CTAs can direct guests toward a purchase. Whether adding something to the basket, registering for a subscription, or purchasing, effective CTAs that are positioned deliberately and employ persuasive language do inspire visitors to act. Well-designed CTA buttons that easily interact with and stand out will define a good theme.

10. Product Videos

Themes supporting videos might offer a close-up view of items. Product videos offer richer knowledge than photographs and show how an item operates from many viewpoints. A theme that lets videos be easily embedded and played again can improve product pages and Shopify stores, therefore increasing their relevance and educational power.

11. Offering Discounts and Promotions:

Using discounts, free delivery, or limited-time offers is a tried-and-true way to inspire purchases. These strategies inspire urgency and encourage customers to make purchases earlier, hence improving conversion rates and general sales performance.

How to use product video to boost conversions

Discounts - Shopify Theme - Conversion Rate - SANOMADS

Improving Website Conversion Rates

Higher conversion rates can follow from improving your homepage. Below are some ideas worth giving thought:

  • Tell right away what your shopify store provides and the reasons behind its value.
  • Use pictures and videos of high quality to draw in and involve shoppers.
  • Simplify it so customers may quickly locate what they require.
  • Showcase favorable reviews and testimonials to foster confidence in your products.
  • Using concise and robust CTAs will help customers toward purchase.
  • To comfort clients, include security indicators, assurances, and badges.
  • Customize the homepage based on user preferences and behavior.

Fundamental Elements Influencing Conversion Rate

Many elements can affect the conversion rate of your Shopify store:

  • Faster pages produce improved user experiences and higher conversion rates.
  • Product Descriptions: Visitor purchases can be persuaded by well-written descriptions.
  • Competitive prices can help your products appeal more.
  • Customer confidence can be raised via readily available and helpful support.
  • Simplified and quick checkout systems help to lower cart abandonment.
Shopify store

Tools for Conversion Optimization: Technologies

Using the appropriate tools can help you maximize the conversion rate of your Shopify store. Some helpful tools to help you are shared below:

  • Google Analytics: offers perceptions of visitor behavior and website performance.
  • Hotjar: offers heatmaps and session recordings to analyze user interactions. 
  • Use A/B testing to optimally experiment with several components on your website.
  • Privy: Assists with email capture and on-site conversions through pop-ups and banners.
  • Klaviyo: Modern email campaigns meant to interact with and convert potential customers.
  • In-built statistics, including Shopify statistics, track the performance of your Shopify store.
  • Trustpilot: Get and show customer reviews to boost trust and credibility.

Shopify Store Ideas For 2024

Conversion Rate Improvements

Case Studies on Conversion Rate Improvements

Here are some real time case studies on conversion rate improvement:


A leading online shopify store for cycling gear and accessories, All4cycling, aimed to increase conversion rates by streamlining its website for mobile users and improving the whole buying experience.

Strategies Used:

  • All4cycling makes its mobile site efficient to guarantee a flawless buying experience. This included optimizing graphics for quicker loading, making the navigation more user-friendly, and guaranteeing that all of the material could be accessed on smaller devices.
  • They simplified the checkout process by reducing the steps needed to finish a purchase, adding guest checkout options, and merging several payment methods.
  • The revamped product pages now feature high-quality photos, thorough descriptions, user feedback, and related product recommendations.


  • By applying these strategies, All4cycling's mobile conversion rate rose by 20%, and its overall conversion rate rose by 15%.
  • Since so much of their traffic came from mobile users, the efforts at mobile optimization were necessary.


Filtrous, a web retailer of filtration equipment, concentrated on enhancing site speed and applying A/B testing to maximize user experience and product page optimization.

Methodologies Applied:

  • Filtrous examined its website closely to find and fix elements that were slowing it down. This included improving graphics, using browser caching, and cutting back on heavy script use.
  • They used A/B testing to evaluate several iterations of product pages, navigation systems, and call-to-action buttons, which helped them pinpoint the best layouts and designs.
  • Filtrous improved its product descriptions and included thorough specs, FAQs, and instructional videos to enable customers to make wise judgments about purchases.


  • Filtros increased conversion rate shopify by 30%.
  • While A/B testing guaranteed that the website was constantly tuned for performance, the increase in site speed lowered bounce rates and improved the general user experience.


Increasing the conversion rates on your Shopify store involves a combination of choosing the right themes, optimizing your homepage, addressing key factors that impact conversions, and using the right tools. Learning from successful case studies can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own store. By continuously testing and refining your approach, you can achieve better results and grow your online business. 

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