18 Best Shopify Checkout Customization Examples From Top Brands

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18 Best Shopify Checkout Customization Examples From Top Brands

18 Best Shopify Checkout Customization Examples From Top Brands

The journey from cart to checkout is more than a transaction; it's an art. A delicate step in the process that, when performed with precision, can turn casual browsers into loyal lifelong customers. Enter Shopify checkout customization—a world of possibilities that top brands have mastered.

Join us as we unveil 18 real-world examples of how brands have weaved creativity into their checkout processes, turning them into personalized, conversion-enhancing showcases. Let's dive into these stories that highlight how the smallest changes can create the most remarkable results.

But first things first, why should you even bother with Shopify checkout customization?

Why Should You Customize Shopify Checkout?

Shopify checkout conversion rate - shopify checkout customization

Let's talk shop, specifically your Shopify checkout page. You know, that virtual spot where customers decide if they're going to seal the deal or make a dash. But why bother with Shopify checkout customization, you ask? Well, stick around as we break it down for you and show you why customizing your Shopify checkout page with a personalized touch is totally worth it.

Boost Those Conversion Rates

Imagine this: someone picks out something awesome, adds it to their cart, and hits the checkout button. They're oh-so-close to hitting that "Buy" button, but then they vanish into thin air without making it official. Sound familiar? That's why Shopify checkout customization matters. When you spruce up your checkout process just right, you can turn those potential customers into real customers.

Keep Your Brand Vibe Strong

Ever been to a party wearing pajamas? Yeah, we didn't think so. Just like that, a Shopify checkout page that doesn't match your store's look and feel is a no-go. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Customizing Shopify checkout to fit your brand style keeps the party going. This means your customers get the same cool vibes from start to finish, and that's what it's all about.

Make Bigger Sales Happen

Now, let's talk about cash – bigger cash, that is. Customizing your Shopify checkout can actually help you make more money. How? By adding some savvy tricks. You know, like suggesting extra stuff that goes perfectly with what your customer is buying. It's like saying, "Hey, you got that cool top, but have you seen this matching skirt?" You get the picture.

Getting to Know Average Order Value (AOV)

Average order value explained - shopify checkout customization

Before we dive into the fun of Shopify checkout customization, let's chat about something called Average Order Value (AOV). This is just how much money customers usually spend in one go. When you bump up this number, you make more cash without needing a ton of new customers. Here's the secret, keeping your current customers happy is just as important as finding new ones. And guess what? Customizing your Shopify checkout page can make that happen.

Now, the Fun Part

With that little lesson in mind, let's get down to business – how to customize Shopify checkout. We're about to show you some smart tips and examples that can turn your checkout into a conversion machine. Get ready to give your customers an experience they won't forget, and watch your average order value soar like never before.

One-Page Checkout

Did you realize that a staggering 70% of customers opt out of making purchases due to a negative checkout experience? This is where the concept of the Shopify one-page checkout comes to the rescue! This particular approach to Shopify's checkout process empowers customers to input information in a manner that suits them, all within a single page. Should users overlook any required fields, an error notification will gently prompt them to fill in the necessary details.

Check out how our client Too Cute Cosmetics Collection Implements the Shopify one-page checkout below.

Shopify one page checkout - shopify checkout customization

Checkout Upsell & Cross-Sell:

Take your checkout experience to the next level by providing customers with complementary products that align with their cart selections. For instance, consider Fame On Central, a fashion brand that suggests clothing items to complete a look right at checkout. This resulted in a remarkable 20% surge in their average order value, demonstrating the potential of strategic upselling and cross-selling. By offering these tailored suggestions, you not only elevate your customer's shopping journey but also witness a notable boost in revenue.

upselling & cross selling - shopify checkout customization

Express Checkout

Semi Exact specializes in premium offerings available on its Shopify e-commerce platform. To streamline the purchasing process, it introduces an efficient express checkout option powered by ShopPay, PayPal, Gpay & Venmo. This strategic customization is designed to minimize the window for customer hesitation, thereby reducing the chances of cart abandonment. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, PayPal's express checkout enables shoppers to finalize transactions swiftly by leveraging their existing PayPal accounts. This digital wallet conveniently stores both shipping details and payment particulars, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry during subsequent shopping experiences with Semi Exact.

express checkout -semi exact-shopify checkout customization

Checkout Trust Badges

Elevate customer assurance by prominently featuring security logos, SSL certificates, and payment icons that underscore the safeguarding of their data. As a prime illustration, Helix Sleep takes a proactive stance in fostering a secure shopping journey by prominently showcasing renowned security badges. This strategic approach not only reassures customers but also solidifies the brand's dedication to data protection. By visually highlighting these trust indicators, Helix Sleep creates an environment where shoppers can confidently navigate the checkout process, knowing their information is in safe hands.

trust badges - shopify checkout customization

Account Creation Prompt

Shopify merchants often grapple with the choice between guest checkout and mandatory account creation during checkout. Interestingly, around 25% of shoppers abandon their carts due to enforced account creation. However, creating accounts allows merchants to tailor post-purchase interactions. Huel, a Shopify store, encourages account creation at checkout. To address concerns, Huel explains benefits like subscription management and order history access. This streamlines their shopping experience and increases confidence in the process.

account creation prompt - shopify checkout customization

Checkout Customer Support

Ensuring swift customer support is crucial, making live chat essential on your checkout page. Potential customers should have the option to reach out with questions before considering cart abandonment. Chatbots also serve this purpose and tend to be cost-effective compared to live chat. To maximize effectiveness, your chatbot should cover common checkout inquiries—like shipping times and refund policies. An example is Endy Mattress with a well-implemented checkout page chatbot. This bolsters customer confidence and minimizes uncertainties during checkout.

customer support - shopify checkout customization

Subscription Nudge

During the checkout phase, propose subscription options for products, a strategy that combines convenience with the potential for cost savings. An illustrative case is Tentree, which adeptly integrates subscription choices at checkout. By seamlessly offering customers the opportunity for to improve the environment, accompanied by discounted prices, this approach caters to the contemporary shopper's preference for streamlined experiences and value-driven decisions. By incorporating subscription nudges, businesses like Tentree enhance customer satisfaction and cultivate loyalty, embodying a customer-centric ethos in e-commerce practices.

subscription nudge - shopify checkout customization

Loyalty Points Program

Showcase accumulated loyalty points and empower customers to utilize them at checkout. Friendship Collar, for instance, provides customers the opportunity to redeem their loyalty points for valuable discounts, enhancing their shopping experience. This strategic integration not only promotes customer engagement but also cultivates a sense of value and appreciation. By visibly offering loyalty point redemption, brands like Friendship Collar strengthen their customer relationships while encouraging repeat business.

loyalty program - shopify checkout customization

Checkout Social Proof

Highlight recent customer feedback and ratings to establish credibility and foster trust. The Lost Co., for instance, features favorable reviews prominently on their checkout page, providing customers with real-life insights. This strategic approach not only enhances customer confidence but also showcases the brand's commitment to quality and satisfaction. By visibly showcasing positive reviews, brands like The Lost Co. bolster their reputation and create a reassuring shopping environment that resonates with potential buyers.

social proof - shopify checkout customization

Shipment Delay Notification

Inform customers about product unavailability or delays through notifications, to ensure transparency. Gymshark, for instance, promptly notifies customers about slight shipment delays on their checkout page, providing valuable updates. This proactive approach not only manages customer expectations but also reflects the brand's commitment to keeping shoppers well-informed. By effectively communicating any disruptions, Gymshark fosters trust and maintains a seamless shopping experience, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

shipment delay - shopify checkout customization

Free Shipping Threshold

Show a visual progress bar indicating the remaining amount required for customers to avail free shipping. Pura Vida Jewelry, for instance, employs this strategy by showcasing a progress bar that tracks progress toward the free shipping threshold. This thoughtful approach not only encourages customers to explore more products but also enhances their shopping experience and can grow your average order value. By visually representing the path to free shipping, brands like Pura Vida Jewelry engage customers and offer a sense of achievement, further enriching their online journey.

free shipping threshold - shopify checkout customization

BOPIS Checkout

Incorporate the "Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store" (BOPIS) feature into your Shopify store, granting customers the ability to choose a nearby store for order pickup during the checkout process. An illustrative instance of this approach can be found in the practices of Outdoor Voices. Through BOPIS, customers can seamlessly purchase sustainable footwear online and conveniently retrieve their selections from a local Outdoor Voices store. This strategy not only aligns with contemporary shopping preferences but also bridges the gap between online convenience and personalized in-store experiences. By introducing BOPIS, your Shopify store can cater to various customer needs, enhancing convenience and fostering a unified shopping journey that harmonizes digital and physical engagement.

bopis - shopify checkout customization

Buy Now, Pay Later Checkout

Forge a partnership with a payment provider to integrate "Buy Now, Pay Later" alternatives, granting customers the option to split payments over time. A noteworthy instance of this strategy is visible in the practices of Good American. Through collaboration with payment providers, Good American offers shoppers the flexibility to purchase their premium denim and fashion items while spreading out payments. This approach reflects the evolving shopping preferences of customers, facilitating accessibility and affordability. By incorporating "Buy Now, Pay Later" options within your Shopify store, you can cater to a wider audience, ensuring a seamless and accommodating shopping journey that aligns with contemporary financial preferences.

buy now pay later - shopify checkout customization

SMS Opt-In at Checkout

Enable customers to select SMS notifications, ensuring they receive updates about their order status and exclusive promotions. A pertinent illustration of this practice is demonstrated by Then I Met You. By offering the option for customers to opt-in for SMS updates, Then I Met You. keeps shoppers informed about their order status. This approach aligns with the modern shopper's preference for instant communication and personalized benefits. By incorporating this feature into your Shopify store, you can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline communication, and create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience that resonates with your audience's preferences.

sms opt in at checkout - shopify checkout customization

Gift Messaging Upsell

Provide customers with the flexibility to include a personalized gift message for the recipient during their checkout process. An exemplary instance of this practice can be found in the operations of True Classic. By offering the option to add a customized gift message, True Classic ensures that customers can infuse a personal touch into their purchases, creating meaningful connections. This strategy aligns seamlessly with the modern shopper's preference for thoughtful and unique gift-giving experiences. By integrating this feature into your Shopify store, you can elevate customer satisfaction, foster emotional connections, and enrich the gifting journey with a touch of heartfelt sentiment.

add gift note to checkout - shopify checkout customization

Dynamic Tax and Shipping Calculation

Present up-to-the-minute tax and shipping expenses tailored to the customer's location and order specifics. A compelling instance of this approach can be observed through the practices of Adventure Well Outdoors. By showcasing dynamic tax and shipping costs during checkout, Adventure Well Outdoors ensures transparency and accuracy in the final purchase amount. This strategy resonates with the modern consumer's expectation for real-time information and eliminates uncertainties. By incorporating this feature into your Shopify store, you can enhance the shopping experience, provide accurate cost calculations, and establish trust by keeping customers well-informed about the financial aspects of their orders.

shipping calculation - shopify checkout customization

Allow Multiple Delivery Options

Enable customers to tailor their delivery experience by choosing their preferred delivery method or date. This capability is partially exemplified by Black Mango, a reputable furniture store based in Australia that utilizes the Shopify platform. By offering customers the flexibility to select their delivery method, Black Mango enhances the overall shopping experience for every customer. Another option you can implement is to provide a delivery date picker. This customization is possible using Shopify Apps like Orderful.

delivery options at checkout

Time-Limited Offers at Checkout

Present a time-sensitive discount on a related product when customers include it in their cart during the checkout process. A noteworthy illustration of this approach is evident in the practices of Burga. By adding a limited-time reservation on items added to the checkout, Burga incentivizes customers to make purchases timely and reduces its risk of cart abandonment. This strategy aligns seamlessly with the modern consumer's desire for value-driven decisions and encourages them to maximize their shopping experience. By integrating this feature into your Shopify checkout, you can create a sense of urgency that motivates customers to seize valuable deals before time runs out, ultimately driving up your sales.

timer countdown at checkout - shopify checkout customization


In conclusion, these 18 remarkable examples of Shopify checkout customization from renowned brands illustrate the power of tailored user experiences. By crafting seamless and visually appealing checkout processes, these brands have not only elevated customer satisfaction but also showcased their commitment to creating a holistic shopping journey. As you explore these examples, consider how you can integrate elements of customization to enhance your own Shopify store's checkout process. Remember, a well-crafted checkout experience can leave a lasting impression and contribute significantly to your brand's success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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